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Remember Your Pregnancy With Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is the most exciting and memorable time in a woman’s life, and most moms want to cherish and remember it forever. While many women forget the experience once their baby arrives, you can remember your magical pregnancy by taking advantage of my maternity photography.


When you book a photoshoot, I can capture your pregnancy glow, and you and your miracle can look back at that time and reminisce; after all, they’re the only one who knows how your heartbeat sounds from the inside. My promise to you is to commemorate this time in your life with high-quality photographs of you and your bump you’ll cherish for many years.

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Questions You Should Ask Your Maternity Photographer

Carrying your unborn baby is overwhelming enough without having to get ready for your maternity photoshoot. To make this experience fun and stress-free, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have. I have answered these questions many times over my years in the industry, and I’m experienced enough to answer them all. Here are some questions you may want answered. 


  • One of the most common questions pregnant women ask is what they should wear to their photoshoot. The clothes you decide to wear depend on the site and the season. If you want your photos taken at the beach in summer, I’d recommend you wear soft pastel colours, whereas images in fields and wooded areas in the autumn work well with warm colours. If you already know your baby’s gender, you can wear pink or blue to go with it. 

  • Your next question may be which location would work best. When you don’t have a special place in mind for your shoot, I use numerous sites, from grassy fields to beach spots, that have proven perfect for these photos. 

  • Although many mums decide to have their photos taken with just their partner and other children, some want their parents and in-laws included. To make your photoshoot special, I encourage you to include your immediate family. Including extra people in your session allows for more angles and a range of fun photos. 


Reasons You Should Consider a Pregnancy Photoshoot

Your journey to motherhood is a milestone that should be celebrated and immortalised for you to look back on with fond memories. Other than documenting the momentous occasion, there are many reasons you should consider booking a pregnancy photography shoot.


  • With the many changes to their bodies, many pregnant women don’t feel attractive during their last few months of pregnancy, but having a facial, manicure or lovely new haircut for the occasion will make you feel beautiful. With the right outfits and location, you can show off your baby bump with confidence and style. Once you see the final product, you’ll realise that capturing the emotion of the time is well worth it – we tend to forget so many little precious details. 

  • Having a baby and seeing your family grow is a historic moment for the entire family. You can pass these keepsake prints or products down to your child and their children. 

  • If you haven’t told your family the gender of your baby, you can use a maternity photoshoot as a gender reveal, either by using props or wearing clothing that hints at the big secret. 

Why Trust Me as a Pregnancy Photographer

As a photographer and mother, I love capturing these moments for you and have created countless fine art canvasses, wood prints and wall art collections for my happy clients. I provide classic and collage frames to tell your story in beautiful art. 


Don’t wait, contact me for more information or to make your booking. Keep in mind that maternity shoots work best during week 30 to 35, but be safe and book around 12 weeks, to make sure your spot is ready when you are. 

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