Newborn Photography


Preserve Your Baby’s Precious Infancy Forever With Professional Newborn Photography

When you bring your new bundle of joy home, everything they do will delight and amaze you, and you’ll want to capture it in photos and video. Taking pictures with your phone is handy and provides hours of unique memories of your lovable new family member. 


However, consider professional and creative newborn photography if you want something extra special to share on social media, send to family and friends, or decorate your walls and shelves at home. 


Why Consider a Newborn Photoshoot?

Your little one is considered a newborn up to three months of age, and your baby will grow and develop quickly and substantially within this time. This newborn phase is priceless yet fleeting. So, book your infant photography shoot with me within your baby’s first 21 days to help you: 


  • Capture the inexpressible: The overwhelming emotions of joy, gratitude and love sparked by this treasured new life are difficult to express in words. A picture paints a thousand words, and this observation has never been more valid than in the case of early photos of your baby. Remember and relive those unforgettable feelings for the rest of your life with a beautiful and emotive series of images. 

  • Celebrate the miracle of this tiny human being: Newborns are small but astoundingly perfect; you can look at those ten little fingers and toes all day with awe and wonder. A newborn photoshoot will help preserve your memories of these precious first few months forever. Time is fleeting; photos are forever. 

  • Enjoy the benefit of a soundly sleeping beauty: At this age, your little one will sleep more deeply and for longer than they will as they grow. During this phase, newborns are happy to lie curled in your arms or even your hands, pose adorably for their baby photographer, and put up with props and costumes without distraction and wriggling. This infant stage is the perfect time for capturing a cute and charming record of your gorgeous little guy or gal. 


As a mum myself, I know how exceptional and tender yet demanding and daunting these early days with your brand new little one can be. That’s why I recommend booking your newborn shoot with Zoom Photography by Kate early in your pregnancy, at about your 12 week mark, to ensure you don't miss out and can make the most of these unrepeatable moments. But dont worry if your bundle of joy doesn't stick to the plan we can always move the date around. 


What to Expect From Me as Your Newborn Photographer?

Your newborn baby photoshoot will be an enjoyable experience in a beautiful and relaxed environment. I work with you and your angel to create a meaningful and memorable shoot, including: 


  • A choice of attractive locations: Depending on your preference, I can do the baby photography indoors at your home, or I can take the photos in one of the gorgeous natural outdoor locations in the Port Macquarie Area vicinity, including the beach, the bush or the grasslands. 

  • Your loved ones: the photoshoot can include baby, baby and you, and your immediate family. Capturing these real and essential memories with those you love shows them that you value the important part they play in you and your little one’s life and celebration. 

  • A variety of appealing photo products: I include a stunning eight by ten-inch matted print in the photoshoot fee. Additional options include wall art, framed prints, signature albums, and keepsake boxes. I also offer novelty items such as magnets and jigsaw puzzles, so browse my collection to see what you prefer. 


My sessions usually take about one hour, and we’ll chat on the phone beforehand to make sure you’re comfortable and know what to expect during the shoot. Then, I’ll answer any questions you have, and we’ll decide what you want to wear and what to bring with you. 


About a week later, we’ll meet to look at your gallery of 40+ images, either in your home, over a Zoom call, or at the Colab, and you then choose your favourite images to send for printing. This session usually takes up-to an hour and a half, and after three to six weeks, your selected products will arrive for drop off, or you can collect them from me.

About Zoom Photography by Kate

I love telling your story through gorgeous and expressive pictures, whether celebrating your treasured new arrival, your beloved family or your adored pets. I only use robust and trusted Australian-made materials offering up-to a 75-year guarantee, so you can rest assured that your irreplaceable infant photoshoot products will last a lifetime. 


I also know that the bills can add up before and after your little one’s birth. So, to make sure you can enjoy my services and capture your baby’s bewitching infancy before the first few weeks whizz by, I offer flexible payment plans and ‘buy now, pay later’ options such as Payright. 


Don’t delay; embrace every moment. Book your individualised newborn session today, purchase a gift card or get in touch with me to find out more. I would love to hear from you.

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