Pet Photography


Pet Are Part Of The Family Too

We understand that the time we have with our pets is short yet wonderful. We know we will lose them one day so, we cherish each day we have with them!
That’s why we celebrate & honour the impact they have on our lives through art.





Capture the heart of your best friend!

Our pets mean the world to us! Every moment we spend with them is precious! What’s better than capturing the moments you spend with them forever?

I work solely with natural light to capture character filled portraits of dogs, cats and all furry friends! Whether it’s in your backyard, your pet’s favourite park, on the beach or you want to adventure on a bush walk or hike, we will go there, explore, play and have lots of fun and treats!

My aim is to photograph your pets doing what they do best, being them, outdoors in the best light, where they are the happiest! I take my time during sessions to build a connection with your pet, make them feel at ease and express their pure joy! I will work with your pet to encapsulate their personality and unique character. I will capture their determination bounding after their ball, their excitement of exploring their favourite park, their sandy nose on the beach, those floppy ears as they run and that beautiful bond you share with them full of lots of cuddles and kisses!

The bond between you and your pet deserves to be documented! Make those moments last!

Some of my Latest Work